Pink Sugar ♥ Attack!

EDIT- I did not expect this to be seen by anyone except for my meager amount of followers. When I used the terms “Stalk” and “crept”, I didn’t mean it literally. We honestly didn’t have any idea as to where he was staying, we were just going off of rumors. Then we went in to eat some cake, because it’s fucking hot outside. Then we saw Tom, and figured we would stick around until he MAYBE came back down. Who wouldn’t want to get a picture with him, and an autograph? We probably waited for three hours, but we honestly lost track of time. We were hanging out, like FRIENDS do. Then when we went out to the other girls, we were JOKING when we said “he has to eat sometime”. We didn’t  honestly think he was going to come down. We took the opportunity to chat and get to know each other as fellow fans. When he actually popped out of the elevator, THEN we softly asked for photos. None of us jumped up and down or acted like a moron. We casually took pictures, he signed my action figure, he was smiley and polite, and then he went on his merry way. The hotel staff didn’t even care. No security guys came towards us. It was a very calm, casual, and friendly meeting. 

I am not saying where he is staying, even though it was posted (apparently) on his twitter a while ago. And it’s been leaked, which I truly do think is unfortunate. I do respect his privacy. People are misunderstanding this entire situation, and accusing us of doing something we did not do. 

I am disturbed by the amount of hatred and jumping-to-conclusions in this fandom. :/

In case you were wondering, the figure simply says, “Alex, with love, Tom Hiddleston x”. 

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